Pursuit of Happiness!

This one is completely original. It means it comes from my own observation, talks, reading, writing, answering questions, etc.

Writing books on retirement, or goal-based investing is easy. The challenge is to see what really makes people happy. Even more important is that just in case people KNOW what it takes to be happy do they go OUT there and pursue happiness or they continue to pursue some ‘unknown’ ideal?



First things first. What helps in the pursuit of happiness?

  1. Show your emotions: when you are happy, be happy. When you are sad, be sad. It is fine to get angry, sad, thrilled, etc. However, be conscious of what you are doing. When somebody praises you, thank them, be aware, and come down to earth in 40 seconds. Your ‘need’ to be up in the ‘chane ka jhaad’ as they say is not more than 40 seconds. Show off all your emotions. It is fine to cry when you see a movie or read a book. Or watch a YouTube video or read this https://medium.com/charity-water/the-last-walk-for-water-979160375b4a 

  2. Exercise: There is just too much evidence that some kind of aerobic exercise done regularly – say as long as you can do and as many times a week is very helpful. It helps not only your body but your brain too. This obviously has something to do with better blood flow, but we are pursuing happiness! Do not bother too much about why it helps – just go there and be active. Even if you are 80 and never exercised before, go, make a start. NOW.

  3. If you are over 50 years of age or are nearing that go and create a friend circle. Your classmates, ex-colleagues, friends, or groups of theatre lovers, photographers, trekkers, runners, ..whatever create friends in the REAL world and spend a lot of time with them. This should give access to people who are 25 and those who are 75. For a 50-year-old this is awesome. The sheer pleasure of attending a friend's marriage and friend's daughter's marriage in the same week!

  4. Keep Learning: There is nothing more satisfying than to keep learning. Just get an Ipad and a JIO connection. It opens you to all channels, magazines, music – go and learn a new art. I know one 73-year-old who just finished learning a new language – just for the fun of course. It now helps her play with her neighbor’s kids!!

  5. Have Gratitude: If you read the story at the top of this post, you will know how all of us have ENOUGH to be grateful for. If in doubt read the article again. There is nothing more relaxing than having gratitude towards God, parents, teachers, siblings, friends….the list is endless right? http://www.subramoney.com/2011/03/dayenu/ 

  6. De-clutter: Reduce, Recycle, Remove!! Do you really need so many shirts and pants? Just heard about a 30-year-old who has 100 pants and about 350 shirts. Seriously, do we need such a huge ‘variety’? Can you imagine what stress it must be causing to decide what to wear? My wardrobe with 8 black pants and 20 white shirts is so easy to handle! As and when my shirts go kaput I will have lesser shirts. Now try decluttering your bed, your work table, your……everything!! It's simple!

  7. Healthy Diet – good vegan food which is to help the world? well whatever you are try some good habits like eating on time, not eating junk, fasting at least once a week, ….are all nice elements to keep your health in good shape. Remember there can be no happiness without basic good robust health.

  8. Concentration: Do one thing at a time. Be there fully.

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